Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 101.2

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  1. Were you reading carefuly?
    What poison they gave the crownprince before throwing him at the river? You should already guess what happened. And who is the father of that child is lol

  2. what if the haevently beast is her father … he helped her mother to save the crown prince and the punitive fire cured the prince and since he can turn himself into a human he could be in relationship with princess long and that’s why he wants beiyue to be his displine ….

  3. Still wondering why she allowed herself to be poisoned and accepted her death. She’s a high level summoner, could have wrecked all those other women trying to get rid of her.

    1. She might not be. If she was such a high level summoner, then this war would have ended ages ago.

      My guess is that she was in a relationship with a high level summoner and she burrowed the summon. That summoner also probably cured the prince.

      As for why she had to die, it might be related to the summoner in question and also related to that other person with red hair.

      Of course that is assuming she is dead. It is possible that part of the agreement required her to fake her death.

  4. So Beiyue and crown prince are siblings 😂😂😂😂😂 the ship sunk again 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Maybe but most likely not.
      He loves her alot not because he knows she’s his daughter but because he knows she’s his sister’s how he loves alot daughter

  5. Still no proof that she actually used her body to cure him. I think the author purposefully left it vague as a red herring. Since incest was heavily implied for a long while now, it might be too obvious.

    1. Not really, a person is just made of memories since she has the memories of both of them, you could say neither of them is alive anymore and it’s a completely new person.

      1. I think it’s mostly the spirit/soul that makes a person. Since Yue lost her body and her spirit transferred to Beiyue when the princess died, the clash could’ve left Yue’s soul with an imprint of Beiyue’s memories even though the soul has already passed on.

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