Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 101.1

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    1. The dragon hadn’t learned the punishment flames yet, remember the beast in MC said ‘that old man is still alive?’ and ‘he actually managed to cultivate the 7th towers punishment flames’ so I think this must have happened after he was imprisoned in her (so, you know, this is before that). I think the dragon learned it for princess long because of this incident so it wouldn’t happen again (remember he has a memorial stone he went to after meeting BeiYue). I think nobody knew the hidden technique of the 7th tower, punishment flames, when he had this poison, and that’s the point and what made this baddie such a villain.

  1. The cure is obviously his sisters/mothers blood. A poison being cured by sex is beyond illogical and the leap in timeline just adds to the fact. IMO. General Wei probably traded the release of her brother for a couple of rounds with her, makes more logical sense to me.

    1. Dude, it’s a world with magic cultivation techniques and Pokémon-like magic beasts that speak with telepathy, your logic is no good here. He’s the worst sort of villain, he massacres thousands of soldiers in a war to gain a position to kill the king and kidnapped the only male heir for the sake of forced marriage to the princess and when she answered ‘no, I don’t want to be your forced bride and get raped by you in a country far, far away and this dragon backs my play’ he couldn’t just lose and go home. Instead he plays the ‘if I can’t rape you directly, I’ll make you choose to rape yourself incestuously’ card, in a world of magic that shares our sense of genetics and morality this was clearly the most evil play so it makes perfect sense that the villain played it. You’re supposed to hate it, that’s why I think the author did a great job. It also was a unique plot that blindsided most readers it seems.

  2. If she can detect the pill in an instant, then she is probably a very high level doctor/receptarier. Maybe she cured him without having to use her body?

    I feel like the skip to his healthy return was intentional. Everyone else suspects something else? Maybe she was actually forced to her end by rumors and not by actual facts?

    1. It’s a plot device. It’s a forceful and lazy way to make the incest happen without making them bad characters.

  3. Okay so what everyone suspected is true, Beiyue is the product of incest… But does her father know ?

    1. The man dose not. If he did do you think she’d live in that house she lives in for so long without demanding to be let inside.

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