Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 101.1

Uncategorized / Monday, May 13th, 2019

Please give your thanks to Pelo + Bamboo + Dunei ! Sorry GCS will be on hold today and resumed tomorrow 😛 BUT IM SURE YALL DONT MIND ;P



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  1. The cure is obviously his sisters/mothers blood. A poison being cured by sex is beyond illogical and the leap in timeline just adds to the fact. IMO. General Wei probably traded the release of her brother for a couple of rounds with her, makes more logical sense to me.

  2. If she can detect the pill in an instant, then she is probably a very high level doctor/receptarier. Maybe she cured him without having to use her body?

    I feel like the skip to his healthy return was intentional. Everyone else suspects something else? Maybe she was actually forced to her end by rumors and not by actual facts?

    1. It’s a plot device. It’s a forceful and lazy way to make the incest happen without making them bad characters.

  3. Okay so what everyone suspected is true, Beiyue is the product of incest… But does her father know ?

    1. The man dose not. If he did do you think she’d live in that house she lives in for so long without demanding to be let inside.

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