Beauty of Century Chapter 64.5

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  1. I gotta agree with the guys and they’re, “what’s wrong with you now?” comment. LOL…. same with Master Huang and his “You seem to get hurt often”. Like, could you be any more weak? Physically as well as mentally. She’s such an unlikeable character because she’s not only constantly needing to be rescued but she’s also in love with them an who raped her and then tossed her out on to the street when she wouldn’t promise to die for his sake in the future. Kind of pathetic. I can only hope she manages to toughen up down the road but I seriously doubt that will happen.

  2. sadface, and here i thought we had another love interest but alas *sigh.. we’re stuck with the asshole.
    Thank you for the chapters!

  3. Except I’m pretty sure Master Huang hasn’t raped, abused, and abandoned her repeatedly. You have CRAP taste in men!

      1. although it is sad raping a woman can couse her feeling for the one who raped her, prety much
        like this case.

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