Martial God’s Space Chapter 46.5

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14 Replies to “Martial God’s Space Chapter 46.5”

  1. Awww I love his family!!
    He’s adopted, yet his family treated him better than those so called blood brothers and cousins in other stories 🙁 ;´꒳`;):

    Thanks for the chapter!🍀

  2. Thank you for the chapter, I was waiting for so long.
    I like the father personality, he loves his children so much :”)
    I’m waiting the next chapter to know why ye xi wen has nosebleed.

  3. leaf can you, as others, put the release date next to chapter in the whole chapter list? have to search where i left off no idea where and needs a previous button also. seems good way to do things. site was gonna get fixes?

  4. Thanks for the chapter update Leaf and crew!
    And thank you so, so much for picking this series back up!
    I’m truly grateful!

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