Goddess Creation System Chapter 203.3

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  1. Of course we know what happen we read it at our perspective we are a third party

    So please little whiny bitches just read or stfu if you have nothing good to say

    Thank you

    1. Yeah and she calls herself a great concubine πŸ˜‘
      She should know that people shouldnt judge a book by its cover and she is older than them.
      So much for being “The Great Concubine” πŸ˜‘

  2. i need to find me a real purple woman. and she has some legit concerns, a strange woman shows up and starts taking over suspiciously. purple is the best color. purple and scales and horns. women should have those too. and like ten arms. this purple woman hasnt shown her final form yet!

  3. Just so you know Leaf-sama – my adblock is always disabled on the timelessleaf website. 😘
    I follow only the Lan Chi and GCS series on this site.

  4. If I remember correctly is that the Great Concubine is a “Goddess”, thats’ why the king married her, so if Xia Xi is now being called a “Goddess”, then this might cause the Great Concubine to act more “despicable” so to say… either way… tnx for the update.. πŸ˜€

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