Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 36.5

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  1. Thank you guys!
    Uuuugh… I can’t wait for more.
    Well honestly I’m don’t like her shemale husband.
    Though it’s still mysterious but i kind of want to see her romance with Xingtu… Yes! her ex husband.. 🤐

  2. Hmm I am toss up between her pretty puppy bro and the City Lord.
    The others are two manipulators with dubious secret motive and her former not to close hubby who murdered her

  3. Hello everyone!!! I have a very weird question…. who should we ship?! I am leaning to City Lord but the Giggolo Hubby is tempting as well. Brother is cute. The SheMale is appealing too! The old flame is kinda confusing but to me, it’s clear I don’t ship them… (sorry for those who does). Opinions everyone???

    Thank you Leaf and Team for the translation, cleaning, and uploading.
    Your work is Heaven Sent to people like me.
    Trust me when I say, It saves the soul. It did to mine.

  4. Ina, Sam, and The Sweet! Thank you so much 💖 Thank you to Leaf as well! This story is so awesome!

  5. Seeing his silver hair, I get the feeling that the boy who was in that wrestling match previously might be related to Bo Xingtu….

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