Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 34.5

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  1. Thissss.. iss im waiting forr..
    Reverse harem ❤️
    Just like watching those man have many wife.. and devastated arc story.. now i fell refreshed ❤️❤️

  2. Five hot men…. seems like a dream come true until they start fighting.
    I wanna kill xing tu. I am a little confused about how the concubine boy is her “hubby”.
    I am definitely rooting for the City Lord Bian. He is literally every woman’s dream

  3. im still confused with xing tu said “what.. shes already married”
    im still rooting for xing tu but lord bian is good too hahahaha
    thanks for updating…im really love this manhwa,,,,, fighting

  4. Their story might be similar to the Temptation of a Cat Demon wherein the male lead killed the female lead but for a BIG reason. Well, I hope so. I’m just so into white-haired male leads so I’m kinda rooting for Xingtu. 😂😅

    1. Oh I was just reading that one today! It’s pretty good though I feel like in UWHC the ml actually wanted to kill the mc.

  5. Hahahaha it’s soo funny. The moment when the harem altogether 😂😂😂

    Anyways thank you for the hard word, leaf team!

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