Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 32.5

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24 Replies to “Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 32.5”

  1. I dont like the FMC. I only wanted her to stick to only the red haired male lead and yunheng which seem to be the only good ones. The other ones we dont even see for that long and she already gets in bed with them. Like why is she so comfortable being next right in front of him?

  2. Woman can marry as much as she can cant wait her harem!…please remind that in their world woman ( in sexuality relationship ) is like man in our world

    1. Because in their world, woman is like man in our world… So when they are bathing together naked, the one that receive bad reputation is the man

  3. The MC’s harem always grows so quickly… I literally cannot keep track of their names, faces, and backstories anymore…

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