Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 116.5

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Please give your thanks to Ybrehl !!! ^^ Also, i’m extremely exhausted from working and doing this so please be respectful and patiently wait for updates, we are doing our best and it would really make us feel better to know people are understanding~ 



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  1. Sleazy, scheming, little blue haired walking trash cans only garbage comes out of their mouths. He should put a hole in all of their foreheads & watch them all burn! 🙃

  2. All those blue haired bitches are soo irritating that I feel like u know giving them small cuts all over their body, restricting their healing, damaging their cultivation & meridians then keep them in huge pit full of salt with the rest of areas surrounding the pit filled with magma…

  3. Many thanks to Ybrehl and Leaf!

    MAN, WHY DIDN’T HE OBLITERATE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM BLUE HAIRED B1TCHES.. It would have made the world just a bit better.

  4. This is what you do with a clan of blue-head BIATCHES and BASTARDS:
    Step 1 – Shove all of them into a giant hole and destroy their cultivation,
    Step 2 – Throw eternal flame into the hole and constantly keep them alive till you get bored,
    Step 3 – Cut them up piece-by-piece day-by-day,
    Step 4 – Throw them into a volcano or just blow up the hole with them in it
    Thank you for tuning in to Cooking Story Villains!

  5. Ugh 😑 I hate these kind of villain the most. They’re like cockroaches, always there never die. So it turns out a lifetime feud between them. Evil bitches.
    Since Sangran said she used that girl body, who is the real her then?
    My guess would be the original clan head bitch who Yan Moge killed.

    Thank you for the updates too along with your other works.
    Much love from another avid reader.

    1. I can’t agree more but don’t say that they are lick cockroaches cause it will bring shame to them atleast cockroaches knows when to give up and all unlike these bitches

    2. I get what you mean! Such cowards! but then its bound to happen cause its a back story….i wonder if there is any link to this and mc’s game life

      thanks for the update!!

    3. Indeed. And they always have this way of twisting stories and tuen themselves into victims which makes me wanna jump in the manhua and pull clumps of hair from them ’til they only have a few left. Lol

  6. You have so many lurkers and commenters who aren’t complaining, by all means don’t focus on the few people who are ungrateful when you work for free. They’re probably young and don’t know any better. Thanks for your hard work~

  7. Please, update whenever you are capable to. Do not overload yourselves with things to cleand, type and translate 🙏🙏🙏🙏. No need to post everyday because everyone has things to do.

  8. Hmph! It’s not because the art of chaos is a demonic cultivation, it’s just that what those idiots are doing is incomplete that’s why they go crazy…it’s their fault! Why do they blame YMG? Those bastards!

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