Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 95.3

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Please give your thanks to Rachael + Tisi + Dunei !!! We need more typesetters so if you have experience in typesetting please help out! I have work starting next week and I would like to keep the series going as fast as we can 😛 Anyways thank you everyone who had helped on this series so far!




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  1. Although it’s already obvious, I just wish the concubine could’ve told everyone who it was by answering Beiyue’s question. It would have a bit more credibility that way atleast, since there’s no more evidence left. Though judging from Beiyue’s reaction, she already knows who the culprit is.. But still..

  2. no, maybe princess long have no blood relatives (my means is cousin) and her parent maybe the past emperor before her brother be throne.

    the grand queen maybe born from princess status who take the opportunity to take the throne for her own son, she plotted to kill her own brother.

    and she wouldnt do it alone, maybe she have a promise with the queen father before to make her daughther marry the emperor if their plan worked. “PARTNER IN CRIME”

    sorry for my bad english..

  3. Thank you so much for the translation!
    I feel really sorry for the son (Xiao ZhongLei I guess). I don’t remember any cruel actions towards BeiYue from him, so I really don’t like how she treats him. Especially since he is younger than her, which means not older than 11 years..
    I didn’t expect the grandqueen to be the mastermind..really interesting. I’m really looking forward to the next chapters.

  4. It seems more like she was trying to frame the Dowager Queen knowing she was going to be killed anyways. She was impaled to keep her from slandering the Dowager Queen further. This is the most optimistic scenario. It’ll probably shake out that the Dowager Queen killed Princess Long because of dumb reasons.

    1. so its the grand queen who is the master mind? not the queen? or is the queen the master mind and the grand queen help her?

  5. Well that was silly, should’ve killed the daughter (or the son) to show you’re serious then threaten to kill the other one. Now she dead and nobody knows who the mastermind is.

  6. And yet we’re still no closer to finding the mastermind unless BeiYue pulls some shit and gets something out of Grandqueen Dowager.

    Thanks for the chapter Leaf, Rachael, Tisi, and Dunei.

    1. it’s obviously the grandqueen and you can clear;y see Beiyue realised that on ch95.2 after the concubine called out to the dowager queen – she probably got rid of princess long bacause she knew her son loved her romantically
      maybe Beiyue is even her mother’s child with the emperor – since they’ve already mentioned she married the prime minister to cover that she had a child

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