Master of Gu Chapter 47

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  1. if i were the mc, i would say something about how the guy treated his (supposedly missing) brother like dirt, like an eyesore, and now he is accusing an outsider of making his brother disappear, and also happens to be able to demand a liquor worm from the person he is accusing, so it is convenient for him in 2 ways, so if the mc is being accused, then he could also accuse the accuser of having 2 motives for the same crime, and more ability to do it. plus, the witnesses are all subordinates of the accuser. as if they would disobey or say anything against him. yeah, that guy killed his own brother and is conveniently using an outsider as a scapegoat and coming to pry a liquor worm as compensation. or who knows, maybe his brother is simply hiding and they are conspiring to get the worm this way? there is a lot to say to put suspicion back on the accuser.

    1. When did he treat his brother like shit? I don’t think he ever showed how much his brother annoyed him. I’d mention the inheritance.

    2. Jia Fu is a good actor. He never treated his brother like shit in front of others. He just suppressed him in order to claim more of the inheritance. The smart move would be not admit to anything and let Jia Fu dishonor the Gu Yue clan by pushing his agenda. The elders would have to step in to save face even if they don’t wish to.

  2. Simple as it is, this move by Fangyuan is pure genius.

    First it reveals his Liquor Worm to the clan so as to let them know that yeah, he had a secret and a reason to hide it. But yet none of them will consider the Wine Monk this way.

    Next, it adds an unexpected factor to the fray that throws them off of his malice. Obviously if something so valuable showed up in his hands, he’d of course want to be careful with it.

    And lastly, his acting (which was rather surprising for this chapter) is able to get them to consider another entirely plausible scenario, if not outright convince them.

    I have no idea if he’s been planning it like this or whatever, but this guy is a freakin genius.

    1. the problem is, the leadership can easily decdie to kill him to give the gu to his brother, thinking it is such a waste for a trash to have it, so it puts him in great danger. and also, his acting, they have got to tell how he changes from one moment to the next. plus, he reveals himself as a liar, so it makes it hard for them to believe other things. but it would really seem he would now get killed. plus, anyone with a few thought might realize he has been really focused on alcohol since a certain time, so that is suspicious, and they know he lies.

      1. Yeah, you have a point. That is if this were real life.

        These sort of people don’t see his attitude shifts like we can, as we all know the big picture.

        Now the leadership can try to kil him, but this poses an issue. His skill is already known to be leagues above his peers. If anything, this lends itself to convincing him to let him keep the Gu. Give him skill and power.

        As for his acting, in a previous chapter they searched into the history to see how he is mostly disliked by his own family. Couple that with how earlier they noticed that he seemed depressed after the results of his potential were shown, and they likely won’t piece it together that far back.

        If anything, to one of us with all of our meta knowledge it seems suspicious. But to these guys who see him like that constantly and only have one perspective, he seems like the pitiable one here. This actually is a boon for him at this point.

        But at this point, this is all just me saying so. We’ll see come next chapter.

      2. They can’t just kill him like that. They belong to the righteous faction so they are bound by rules and regulations, keeping up the appearance, etc. By the way, he did plan all of that – his acting and scheming are on another level, not to mention he’s being underestimated because of his talent/age/situation. He is over 500 years old, he used to be an immortal with his own sect. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Thanks for the chapter.

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