Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 112.3

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Again if you know how to join the pictures back together please help! XD And just an update: we are 14 chapter away from SYDN being uptodate so I am going to release more FQCL soon. Let’s get this done too! Also I will check emails next friday once i’m done with exams. Sorry if I didn’t get back to you yet XD



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  1. Sigh.. I just want things to turn already. Where has our strong, domineering and OP Xiaowan that we all loved gone off to? The setback has taken quite long enough, when will that revenge on Sangran happen? I didn’t even think that Sangran would defeat and break her just like that. All I want now is for Sangran to be humiliated and skinned alive then throw in a tub filled with salt and vinegar.

    Make a comeback already Xiaowan, settle the debts already with Sangran for you have a new enemy waiting on the side.

    1. Same! It has taken long enough zzz… Just skin this bitch alive already, Humiliate her and those who betray and accused xiaowan.

    1. Seconded, every time I see her I just want to reach into the screen and strangle her. I can’t wait until all her plots fail and her is utterly humiliated by MC

  2. To join the pictures together, you need to save it together as a file. I’m sure you can do that with basic paint software. Krita is a free art program where you can choose for the least loss of pixels.

    For Krita:
    You need to create a canvas large enough, then move the images in one line and save as .jpg or .png, whichever your preference. Png is better quality but will show transparent lines. When saving, you will see the options for Compression. The larger the number, the smaller the size, but more compression you will get. The quality becomes worse the more you compress. So choose the smaller numbers like 1 to get higher quality images.

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