Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 91.3

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Also I will check email next friday once i’m done with exams completely. Sorry if people were looking for me and I weren’t able to get back to you yet XD



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    1. sorry to say, i think that is merely assumption…mc mention its his nephew which refers to a guy…that is why mc feel disgusted (cousins can get married in certain era/country), also this chapter mc mention he want to bestow the queen tittle to a guy.

  1. could any actual person actually not tell its a totally different person? come on, author. may as well just convince him to turn around and then get rid of him and take treasure.

  2. Ooofft SNEAK 100. I was so scared for her ngl, thought she might get exposed and hope I don’t jinx it later on. Thanks for the update as always~~
    Good luck with exams 👍👍

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