Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 157.5

Uncategorized / Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Please give a final thanks to Ina + Chi + Zoe for today’s SYDN releases! Arigatou!



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  1. I am so deeply in love with Ina, China, Zoe and Leaf. Seriously, I’m willing to be in this one sided love forever. Ahhh thank you so much!! (οΎ‰βˆ€`β™₯)

  2. in case no one has noticed, leaf always says Ina then Chi because if you say Chi, Ina, then everyone will realize it is just China!

  3. Man, you’re team reminds me of team 10’s name Ino-Shika-Cho of Hidden Leaf village in Naruto! XD

    Anyway, thank you, thank you so much to all of your efforts team Ina-Chi-Zoe and Leaf~ :))

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