Master of Gu Chapter 45

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  1. He always does the unpredicted. He doesn’t want to be restricted by class president rules. N he will be getting around 70 stones by plundering but as president would receive only 10 per week. I can see why he is not interested. 70 per week or 10 per week. It’s easy to see why he went southward. But I wonder what is his ambition…what does he wanna achieve.

    1. To cultivate to an immortal and probably get revenge on larger fish. The small fish in his hometown is not worth the effort. He’s just bullying them as a side effect of increasing his cultivation.

      1. Although, one side effect will be the complete destruction of his clan since that is part of the Flower Wine Monk’s inheritance. So I guess he will get his revenge on these small fry. It is just not the primary goal.

  2. If they MADE a rule which would stop him from doing what he did before it would seem like bullying or supressing the growth of a student or pathetic because they don’t have control over some 3rd class kid.

  3. so instead of 10 daily stones (i guess daily since he increased his daily tax from the others)
    he get +7 from press and +2 from vice (beside the usual 1 they give him each) = +11
    so +10 for being presidant or +11 for bulling them..
    simple math 10<11

  4. elder could have just made a rule? i mean, they can MAKE rules, yeah? thats how rules exist? but its funny, he is ABOVE class president lol. “I am the class emporer!”

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