Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 133.5

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Please thank Chi-sama ! ^^



22 Replies to “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 133.5”

  1. but if she is not dead, it will be crap. she now has to be dead. but didnt she fight back at all? woman should have large bruises, scratches.

  2. I come back on the website and there so many chapters of this serie !
    Thanks for your hard work Chi and Leaf ! 💕

  3. Please dont let her be dead…. Please… ARHGNSNCJR SOMEONE KILL THOSE PIECES OF CRAP!!!

    Erhms…… Ignore my little scene.. Im just a bit upset here @[email protected] thank you for the update…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. The Feng familiy is full of snakes. And now the only second good sister in the familiy had to suffer. Yuheng! We need Justice!!!

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