Summer Release Schedule + IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Uncategorized / Friday, April 5th, 2019

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is still alive and doing well and please read this announcement to the END because I won’t repeat myself in emails XD

Anyways, main topic. TLDR: My goal is to be UPTODATE with all the MAIN SERIES by END OF MAY the latest. This also means I will need a lot of help (recruitment details below). But I know a lot of people can’t wait so I will give you an update of our current progress.

Miao Shou Xian Dan – Uptodate 
Master of GU – Uptodate 
Goddess Creation System – 7 Chapters to go
Lan Chi – 10 Chapters to go
Feng Qi Cang Lan – 20 Chapters to go
The Peerless Concubine – 20 Chapters to go
Feng Ni Tian Xia – 30 Chapters to go
Shen Yi Di Nu – 40 Chapters to go

First – we will catch up with SYDN meaning, we will release 2-5 chapters per day until we catch up and then release 2-5 FQCL and so on…you get the point

I am getting help for SUBSERIES too, so yes I am trying my best to complete everything. Please Give us time I am not a god, our treehouse members have the heart of a saint but they have a life too!

Now I know a lot of people were complaining about site functions but I realize I need to make a new site to get everything working properly. As of right now I don’t have the time and energy for it but I hope to get a new site before end of summer. I will keep everyone posted on that. There shouldn’t be any downtime when I migrate the site but I still let everyone know as summer goes on.

Now Recruitment Info! First of all thank you to the previous treehouse members and the current ones. You don’t know how much I appreciate it, so thank you all again. Now, if you’ve got free time during the summer to translate/typeset/clean please pop me an email [email protected]

These are the following series that I need help with:
Feng Ni Tian Xia (Translator/typesetter/cleaner) – At least 2 chapter per week
The Peerless Concubine (Translator/typesetter/cleaner) – At least 4 chapter per week
Shen Yi Di Nu
(Translator) – We have 40 chapters to go let’s push through!
Ugly Woman’s Harem Code (Translator) – At least 1 chapter per week
(Translator/typesetter/cleaner) – Whenever you’re free
Break the World – (Translator/typesetter/cleaner) – Whenever you’re free
Martial God’s Space (Translator/typesetter/cleaner) – I have to rant because someone sniped it and said they will release 1 chapter a day and then after a few chapters they ghosted out. I don’t think people realize how hard and how much dedication scanlators put into their work. Just try doing a chapter yourself and you’ll understand. It takes 5 minute to read a chapter but at least an hour for us to do a chapter. So at the very least please don’t complain and be patient with us, we don’t owe you guys anything nor are we obligated to do so. And it’s free to read, had always been and will forever be. Some sites are charging you like cmon…cut us some slack.
Any other subseries or NEW series – if anyone else is interesting in any of my other subseries or doing new series, do feel free to finish them with me. These are unscheduled, meaning we release whenever we have time.

Once we are completely uptodate with everything we will release the day of, meaning whenever authors put out a chapter I will release it the same day.

Last but not least. Thank you everyone, or at least those who keep posting positive comments and thank you or the emails cheering me up. I had a rough march and i’m glad it’s finally over XD I am always happy to know that I can make someone’s day a bit better, life is sometimes just that simple. I hope Timelessleaf was able to give some people a place to relax, to have a laugh and to bring you some peace after a long day. At least that’s what I want when I come home. So yeah, let’s laugh, cry, smile and enjoy these great stories together.

And thank you to all the donators, I really appreciate it because I don’t have to place a burden on myself to pay for the server and everything else. You don’t know how much stress you guys saved me from XD

Anyway, I’ll be migrating away from the tree cliff this summer 😛 we are moving to mass release lalaland 😛 I think everyone had been waiting for this day to come haha XP



PS. fun fact I am not a vegetarian because I don’t eat my own kind :>