Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 28.2

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18 Replies to “Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 28.2”

  1. The way it was presented, its as if Yunheng is really the only one who cared for her and I truly want them to end up together. But I already know how these type of stories go as the female lead would always choose that other guy who wronged her hence -the silver-haired priest and not the one she truly deserves. AIYA!

  2. The humor, cuteness and everything you would want to see are all in here. My goodness, such a whole package! I don’t mind if she ends up w/ any of these hot guys. Kyaaaaa! 😆Mooooooooore! 😊

  3. He’s the nicest. Respecting her, giving her space and love. But I know she won’t end up with him, cause it always needs too much drama.

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