Beauty of Century Chapter 57.5

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8 Replies to “Beauty of Century Chapter 57.5”

  1. Woman it’s simply an exchange! You don’t owe him a thing. Matter a fact, he owes you. Please don’t fall for him pleaseeeee

  2. Are you effing serious right now?! Don’t spout nonsense when you dont even know her story!!!!!!

    I thought I’m not gonna react again

  3. What!?! Don’t be moved by his words… U protected him with ur life and in turn, he protected urs… That’s all there is to it. Don’t get emotional.

    1. Screw the virginity (ha). She could have been an 80 year old grandma with 20 grandkids. Rape is what was fucked up with the situation, not losing one’s virginity.

      Agree on the please die part. I want her to be the one to plot his death in the future. And hopefully, she won’t be raped or sexually assaulted ever again…

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