Goddess Creation System Chapter 181.2

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  1. its like its too cruel for sake of by author. is she a sacrifice to a god? but doesnt say.

    … leaf can only do 7 scanlations. if pick up one more, other has to be burned to death! BURNED!

  2. I can understand the reason why they must have only 7 concubines, but why do they burn alive one of them?!?!?! Dude, just let her be and give her back her freedom ugh

    Thanks for the chapter, btw β™₯β™₯β™₯

      1. hmm. that’s legal right? on marriage license just say for woman one, you are married on mondays. then for woman 2 you say tuesdays on the contract, and so on. and then woman one, well she can be married to guy 2 on tuesdays and guy 3 on wednesdays…. so 8 guys can all put off her crap onto each other and not be burdened by the full brunt of it, just 1/8th for each. and the kids would be like, he is your dad on mondays, lol…

  3. Thanks for the chapter and more ups pleaseee😒
    And may i ask why you stoped translating beauty scheme ?im a big fan of it😍

  4. Wht the hell would you burn her ! She aint a witch or something. Even though its there so called rule or whatsoever you did sleep with her..humph.. are woman and girls are just mere tools for you !!?

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