Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 25.8

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  1. lmao i had to leave a comment here ! that was so funny OMG !!!!! i can’t stop laughing !!!! It’s an amazing story ! i can”t believe i juste discovered it !!! thank you for share those funny moment Leaf !!!!!!
    kiss kiss

  2. Gosh, they better get their old bodies back or there’ll be an epidemic of baldness and a massive cropping up of tombs all over the sanctuary in the days to come XD

  3. captcha usually doesnt work on this site, gives error, unlike other sites. wasnt working like 10 minutes ago.

    xixi should just blast through the rock and send them all flying.

    why is this one chapter split into 2 socalled chapters with a .7 and .8? what does .7 and .8 mean?

    1. It’s chapter 25, part 7 and 8
      Apparently it’s so they upload without issues. Apparently.
      So it’s actually 8 parts of one chapter. For some reason.

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