Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 25.6

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  1. I don’t understand them, really! It’s almost as if they said “let me kill you and don’t fight back”
    Sorry for my bad english

      1. Woah! There are worse phrases/words being used nowadays and you complain about such minor thingy? Calm down kid. Don’t read comments if you are not used to these words.

        1. Their comment was less inappropriate than the one they replied to. As such, while your core sentiment of tolerance was suitable, your exaggerated and rude presentation ends up being the worst one thus far within this nesting of comments.
          While that does serve your “comments of this sort are normal here” declaration, it unfortunately ends up also being rather hypocritical.

          1. The above is meant as an “*Everyone* should cool it”, not for the sake of further instigation. Leaf is already stressed, according to their recent comments, so let’s not add to that.

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