Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 25.4

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  1. Stop being a piece of turd and being ungrateful! Leafy is already updating so just be happy or do you want to go translate it.

    1. No one’s calling them chapters, 25.3, 25.4… They’re clearly marked as fractions.

      Leaf has been clear they upload like this to mitigate complications if there’s a problem (such as missing pages). Leaf is just one person. Keeping to a consistent schedule a few pages at a time rather than wait months to upload it all at once is just logical. Claiming it’s anything else is just deceitful.

      1. leaf calls them “2 chapters” himself right at the top of the previous one, saying author released 2. so when will you realize it?

        1. “Author did update last week but I just didn’t realize for some reason lol…so yeah we have 2 chapters back to back…yeah…” and you see the giant “NEXT CHAPTER” button? wow.

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