Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 25.3

Uncategorized / Monday, March 4th, 2019

Author did update last week but I just didn’t realize for some reason lol…so yeah we have 2 chapters back to back…yeah…



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  1. If anyone is suffering from the same problem, than please let me know. Whenever i attempt to open one of the new chapter, for whatever reason it redirects me to an ad or something. (Either something wrong with your website or is it just me)

  2. Wow the first commentor must be a noob. Probably didnt read the announcement nor read on here before then deciding to act all aggressive about it. Obviously here to cause trouble.

  3. @nkjkbkhvgf If you don’t like it then don’t read what’s on timeless leaf. Go translate it yourself or find someone else. Leaf translates whatever they can since they’re translating solo as a hobby.

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