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Uncategorized / Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Hey everyone, I will try to be as concise as I can. TLDR…I will be abolishing the release schedule because I’m kinda burnt out and exhausted from everything that is going on… I will also be skipping comments + emails for the next few days because there were just too much negativity….and with exams + assignments deadline coming I don’t want such trivial things to affect my grades…To me this site is my hobby…something that I like to do…. to be very honest it kinda makes me sad that I can’t even find peace in something i love to do…:/ A bummer I guess…

Starting tomorrow I will be releasing chapters as I feel like but I’ll try my best to release the same amount, no promises though…I will also be taking down the extra chapters + donation goal because I don’t want to give people ‘excuses’ to talk shit. Although FNTX didn’t reach 100 I have decided to pay out a full 5 chapter anyways (this starts tomorrow).

You can still donate to support me but there will be no more extra chapters. And the following is the expense of timelessleaf per month;

Server 140$ + Cloudfare Pro 20$ + Domain 28$ yearly + Raws (varies month by month) + website maintenance (If site goes down too often i find tech because I don’t know how to fix it) + random plugins for optimization (varies)

If there were any extra pocket changes during the past months I probably used it to buy coffee before morning class cause it’s hard to commute for an hour and then stay awake in class lols…Hope people don’t mind that I might’ve bought a coffee or cappuccino instead…

And when summer break starts I will probably be recruiting a team again…

That’s it…And thank you for all the positive emails/comments…those kept me going over and over again ^^ Thank you and goodnight! Oyasumi!


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