Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 25.3

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  1. Idk what to say. Aiya.. 1st of all, why he entered her room? N yeah we can say what she did is wrong. However, couldn’t he run away or resist her? Hm, also why did he only accept his fate without opposition?!

    1. he was drugged, then tied up. And he did tell her to stop multiple times. And in this universe, women have the dominant position in society, men “submissive”. So it’s a reverse of our society in history.

      Saying “why didn’t he resist harder” is just victim blaming, and he’s in no more of a position to fight her than a woman would be in ancient china to fight a dude attacking her. Especially when physically restrained.

      Either way he was physically unable to resist, first due to the drug, then when it wore off, due to physical restraints. So there really isn’t an excuse. He was raped, hands down, and basically forced to marry his rapist, like women in our history usually were.

  2. I don’t know what to think, she raped him of course he would hate her but still I think he at some point loved her. It’s sad the ML’s past. I hope they don’t end up together for the sake of the story

  3. yeah, i couldn’t hep but comment on this too.
    i know she raped him and i definitely DO NOT support that. That is a horrible thing to do.
    but, i will never side with the guy or sympathize with him ever!
    there’s a word OVERKILL.
    she only FORCEFULLY slept with him once….the other times, he could’ve denied her.
    he could’ve left her or divorced her….but TO KILL HER and her CHILD?
    i think that’s shittier than being a rapist, so yeah

  4. Couldn’t help but comment on this one, had this been the other way around yall would be banning this SCREAMING rape. But now that the mc is a girl!? (I don’t care what we’ll come to know afterwards but that other one “beauty of the century” also has the same probability of the rape part being something else, still hate it but can’t say this that’s not it)

    1. Your point???????? People are acknowledging she’s a rapist down below so idk what you think you’re doing stirring s*** up. Male or female, rape is rape. And beauty of the century is disgusting! There’s no way you can argue the content in that story isn’t rape, just like you can’t say the sex in this was consensual.

  5. I feel like the MC, by wanting to maintain her distance and using her knowledge about him in their past life, will accidentally win his heart over this time….

  6. We don’t know if she was actually the one who raped him, but he came to her room, and I mean what she did was horribly wrong and now that she is given a second chance she chose not to go near him which I think is great.

    1. Sorry correction , I meant to say *drugged we all know she was the one who raped him, but we don’t know if she drugged him . I apologize my mistake

  7. now i understand why this story is called ugly woman’s harem.

    but seriously, it seems like almost every character is shitty in this manhua.

    on another note: i still can’t figure out if this society is matriarchal or patriarchal. but it’s definitely not a fair and equal one though.

    1. Think it’s meant to be matriarchal, but the author’s partiarchal biases are leaking thru and making things confusing

  8. Well destiny will still leads them hmm. No matter how she tried to avoid him now and so. I guess it wont happened. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. I think she is trying to change it at least. Give our mc a chance…she was deeply inlove with him that made her do horrible things to him. I know what she did before is very very wrong. But i know that deep in her heart she regrets all the things she’d done thats why she doesnt want to see him so the things wudn’t make hard for xing tu again. Aigoo xing tu dear. May you have a better life as a priest now in new life.

    1. Eh, no? It doesn’t matter if he was the one who went into her bed, he then didn’t want to go further and she should have respected that. NO MEANS NO.

  9. I honestly wasn’t expecting this turn of events. I thought he woud have sex with her and then be ashamed of it the next day, thus wrongly placing his hate on her ( thinking she’s the one who drugged him) and killing her so I was 100% ready to give him shit but damn….it’s completly the other way around. Men CAN be raped, and its still a disgusting thing to do. I get that she doesn’t wanna meet him anymore, but if she does, I hope she doesn’t give him a hard time. Like, just leave him alone and go on with your life girl. But I still feel sorry for the baby tho :’c

  10. I’m so glad, that most people in the comments see the wrongdoings of her. I expected a sexist comment section, but I have faith in humanity again 💜 purple y’all

  11. She raped him and made him betray his god, no wonder the dude wanted her dead, if it was the other way around and she was the one being raped no one would take it lightly.

      1. I know this is not what you ment and I’ve never experienced it first hand before but don’t people close their eyes when they dance that special dance?

  12. well.. even though she didn’t drug him,, I’d hate her too for what she has done. -sigh- I hope she’ll change her ways of doing things. How she behaved in the past isn’t really likable either imo.. anyways, thankyou Leaf for uploading new chapters!

  13. So he might have been drugged, but before he went further he snapped out of it. Then she tied him up and raped him, basically forced him to marry her, going against his religious beliefs. after being married, you forced him to love or make love(it’s not love) with you for years, and you’re still surprised when he killed you.

  14. well, if i were the man i would not just stab her i time. i would chop her to pieces then make her eat the flesh that i chop off. just for forcing me in doing something that i dont want.

    1. IKR she’s so selfish. What if she was the one being force. I bet she will do the same as her past husband. Humph 😡😬

      Thanks for the update leaf-san!

  15. I still blame him… It was not our mc who drugged him right… So it is injustice to our mc… Is she deserved to be dead when she is a pregnent… Even though he hated her, killing her is going too far.. Don’t you agree…
    Tq leaf….

    1. no I DONT AGREE he legit snapped out of it and then told her to stop and even CRIED byt she still raped him, forced him to marry her, HE WAS A PRIEST AND SHE MADE HIM GO AGAINST HIS RELIGION. She did too many wrongdoings to him so she deserved that. The baby didn’t deserve to die but the mother did.

  16. Okay… so actually the MC just reaping what she sowed huh… what the heck is this plot twist. I couldn’t actually blame her (past life’s) husband now

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