Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 24.3

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  1. She didn’t drug him, but she was aggravatingly persistent, if not MC we hate this type of characters often, and bet he had someone else he felt for and lost. Since he thought she drugged him… so basically he never loved her and always resented her. Her sad ending is no surprise, It what “heroes” do to the villainess soon as they gain power/love another

  2. Oh…..huh.
    I thought it would be more romantic or something.
    Turns out he thought she drugged him and wants her to pay the consequences?

  3. Oh so he thinks she drugged him? But…he was already acting weird before taking her meds, so it makes no sense o.õ ugh if this dude did this to her knowing she didnt drugged him I’ll break something

  4. I don’t think she drugged him. You can see that he was already blushing/showing signs of being drugged before she offered her medicine, but I think he believe that she did drug him.

  5. Cant blame her bcs he really is so hawt and handsome. Well not that i am agreeing for that in real life. Lol its just that xing tu is really hmm xD

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