My opinion on Master of GU…

Uncategorized / Monday, February 25th, 2019

First of all I hope after reading this post we can all just chill and move on with our life~ But thank you to the people who defended me, sincerely, I appreciated it^^

Now…hm…how to put it…

I just got some rest and not really quite sure what is happening here but… this is my point of view…I think we don’t need to mind the haters here because it’s not something worth ruining your mood over. I made this blog to share, to talk, and enjoy stories together so if someone here doesn’t share the same purpose we can just ignore them~ And to be very honest… I have 0 clue of what I did to warrant such flame and hate…especially when my conversation with meraki was extremely brief and concise…It was basically “Hey i’m still doing this please let them know.” And lymus replied with “Sure i’ll let them know” and that was the end of our story…so…yeahh…??? XD???

I don’t know what meraki scanlators are saying about me but I got the gist of it based on the comments on my blog so…what I think happened is…they lost their most popular manhwa and needed new popular ones so they decided to take “master of gu” because it is highly receptive in china and figured since I worked alone they could just run over me.I’m guessing their major argument is I release slow or i’m hogging chapters however I can easily find lots of martial series that are less popular and are being released biweekly or longer.. And that I asked for donations for “Extra chapters” for my main series. People who’ve been in my blog long enough knows “Extra chapter” only happens every few months or so, and it’s completely OPTIONAL. I NEVER slowed down on main series releases just because of extra chapters happening, if anyone doesn’t believe me you can just check my post dates.

So all in all, I think they could’ve been more honest and said, “we want to pick up some more popular series like master of gu.” And we could’ve skipped this drama entirely…

Anyways, I never felt like this was something worth hating each other for because I don’t really care what other people say about me since I’m not doing this for them but for the readers who enjoy being here (although some comments/emails were not so fun to read lols XD). That’s why I sincerely appreciate the readers who choose to read here when they didn’t have to. Thank you all^^

On the other hand I wanna address some of the hater’s comments/emails here. I am not here to justify myself but to tell you why you’re WRONG!

And here my rant goes:

  1. Leaf releases slow!
    1. BAM WHY? Coz leaf works ALONE.
    2. I have to eat, sleep, study and take a shit just like you do.
    3. Master of Gu was scheduled to release 1x/week. Now that we are uptodate we follow the authors schedule of 2x/week. Honestly, I don’t feel like 1-2 made much of a big difference. Like what about the groups who release biweekly?  And Once per month?
    4. You survived waiting for naruto and one piece to air every friday. You’ll survive my schedule.
  2. Who told you to work alone then? Get more people!
    1. I used to work with other people when I didn’t have a release schedule but after I decided on my future career and made a release schedule I disbanded them. 
      1. TLDR they were disbanded because I didn’t want to put pressure on them over a schedule. They are VOLUNTEERS and STUDENTS, they are NOT obligated to do this and I would never want them to compromise their personal lives just to put out a few chapters.
      2. If you ever talked to any of my scanlators you’d know, the first thing I tell them is “scanlate only if you are super bored with nothing else left to do.” Like sorry for not wanting to child labor them.
  3. You are holding up chapters!
    1. Oh yeah? If i had wanted to hold up chapter then everyone would be stuck at chapter 40 for all my main series because that’s where the good parts start! And I’ll leave everyone hanging there for eternity.
  4. You cut up chapter into parts for donation!
    1. I release new chapters every week regardless of whether people donate for “extra chapters” or not, so what is the problem again? Don’t understand what (OPTIONAL) means?
      1. Optional – “available to be chosen but not obligatory.” BAM dictionary.comed
      2. I’ve probably released well over 700 Chapters and “Extra chapters” don’t even take up 50 of them = =. So that’s like what? 1/15th of my entire stack of scanlations?
      3. I had NEVER asked for donation for Master of GU.
    2. Same reason why I don’t use patreon. I don’t want it to be pay to read or pay to choose a schedule. I come from low-income family so I prefer equality and free-to-read/choose for everyone.
      1. I let people choose their favorite release schedule on my blog everytime we had one
    3. I cut chapters up into part because if my server/net crashes while I upload I would have to reupload the chapter all over again to make sure the pages are CORRECT or you will most likely get pages 1 4 5 6 2 3 7 8 instead.
  5. You suck!
    1. I be eating cheesecake with my readers and someone be like, “why don’t you go eat pie instead.”  Me: “Get outta here.”

Phew, got everything out of my system~ You know what else I got out of this mass release? A pimple, right under my chin. *Cries T_T fk.


Sincerely, Leaf me alone.