Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 104.3

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I don’t really like this arc either tbh haha XD but I am curious who yan moge’s enemy is…



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  1. She should have done this from the start, I mean like training like crazy.. She wasted like a hundred chapters for this to happen and lost the people she cares for her to start training seriously lol.

    1. but like she was too arrogant because of her alter-ego thing. She relied on that too much and never really saw this as real-life which caused her downfall.

  2. @Leaf – what do you mean by who Yan Mo Ge’s enemy is? Isn’t it that lord peacock? They were fighting each other un ancient times

  3. It’s not completely true, it’s a combination of both mental and physical skills that’s the best, didn’t she prove that by winning?
    … Although, this training was actually physical training so…
    I like this arc! But I’m still upset about all the dead people. ;w;

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