Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 23.3

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  1. WHERESS THE HOT CITY LORDDD?!?!??? I ship her with people who respect her e.g. the city lord or YUNGHENGGG, but yea gotta agree, I’m getting tired of this dude with too much makeup.
    And wtf is up with the dad??? Nuuuuuu

  2. I really love UWHC… thanks for updating
    im really curious about her and xingtu in this life.. is he still kill her?? why?? in the prev he killed her but why with that sad face????? aaaaaaaaaaaaargggghhh

  3. Omg I’m still chuckling
    I love how this series van go from series fights and almost death to bondage and humor at the expense of the dignity of the reader, mc, and everyone involved x’DD

    Thanks for continuing to release haha

  4. I really despise the man with makeup; binding her with ropes without her permission, who the hell do you think you are? I also wish the protagonist could actually do something about it instead of going, “You pervert!! *blush*”

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