Beauty of Century Chapter 50

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Yes yes we are continuing with this series because we are already 50 chapters in…and we are only 20 ish away from being uptodate. Actually I found it funny how lots of people diss this series but i mean you’re still here haha XDD 



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  1. kill the mc. I hate that type of protagonist. look at me. I’m so weak. please bring my abuser. I will still give him a change for long if he protects me……she brought him when she stood in front of everybody during the fireworks. she is a dumb slyfox. yup still a fox but stupidly dumb that just think that by being “goodie two shoes” and acting all naïve will make her good. there is not logic …….nope just get ride of this mc and bring us a better mc,

  2. Here comes incident 3. But it seems she’s already developed Stockholm syndrome to some degree. Just watch her accept it like “omo why is my kokoro doki dokiing for this man who treated me so terribly? that’s right! he’s saved me and he’s actually quite kind and caring! he’s so concerned for me! i will totally forget his wrongdoings and love this trash whole heartedly now!” Gurl, why you so blind? (Ironic, lol.) Huang babe; where you at??? Sigh. Thanks for not dropping~

  3. I still thought the MC was trying to get away, but it seems like that isn’t what this story’s about. That’s alright though, I guess something has to right the balance with all the cock-blocking in GCS.

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