Master of GU Chapter 8

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  1. Ow men, before the “awakening” the little brother’s heart has been jealous with the big brother, and after the “awakening” … Ck… Ck… Ck…
    For Big brother… I’m cheering you!… So be carefull!

    1. It’s going to be the MC. The other twin is the probably the dude that commented at the end of chapter 1.2 that he’s a demon that will come back because of the treasure that all want to steal from him.

      The other twin is supposed to be the strongest but because the MC restarted his life with a treasure cheat and his cheat memories, MC is probably going to end up the stronger one.

      I wonder if the author is going to push the twins into still being enemies or if the MC going to turn him to his side.

    2. You are confusing strength with talent. The younger brother has much better talent, but the MC will gain much more strength.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but guyue means ancient moon?
    And those guys names you write ‘Fangzeng’ and ‘Fangyouan’ clearly need to be split into two, its family name and first name, ‘Fang Zheng’ and ‘Fang Yuan’.
    It is really annoying to read it as one sentence so it would be good to split it.

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