Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 79.3

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I also side with the crown prince. So shoo shoo you feng lian yi x beiyue shippers 😛



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  1. yeah so whats the chance that of all of them, she lives and a giant swarm of beasts couldnt sniff her out? and naturally meets that enemy. its terrible.

  2. Hello, could someone please explain when we have seen this character before? Or around what chapter he was first introduced so I could go read it.

    1. Karma ~ She is the person who an undefined party of explorers mistook Beiyue for. Called Honglian.
      Briefly seen after massacre of the party to keep them quiet at end chapter 71.3

      1. Wow totally missed that, I thought she was a guy and I was wondering how i missed such a handsom boy, but thank you fot responding I’ll go re-read that chapter!

  3. The lil’ black haired guy is so cute!!!! and is a good boy too!!!! He likes our MC (not sure if its romantic) after she helps him ……

    1. I’m confused, when did they meet? If I could trouble you to inform me of the chapter in which he was helped by the MC I would be incredibly grateful. I’ve been trying to figure out the who the new character is supposedly by reading through comments but I’ve seen many mixed responses.

    1. That pink girl asks that boy to take her to the city or not to kill her in exchange to tell him the location of a “red-haired” girl cuz he wants to kill her (which is our mc)…..but then our mc helps him when he ate food without paying and so the became friend but when he found out that the “red-haired” girl was her, he didn’t kill her but helped her!!!!
      He’s so cute…but blind

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