Master of GU Chapter 7.4

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  1. Everyone that doesn’t like this story either doesnt’t know what they are talking about or has bad taste (from my perspective). Sure the mc is a total villain but what’s so bad about that? Even if you don’t like the mc himself you can still cheer for his enemys, since they actually have incredible depth. Hence the mc won’t have it easy.

    Also, in my opinion this story is as far from boring as it can get plotwise.
    I don’t want to spoil to much, but let me just say one thing: His whole life in this world so far and even his traveling back in time was actually engineered by another power, which will be revealed much later. This story isn’t just about going back in time and having it easy!

  2. The series is getting more and more entertaining every chapter I love malevolent stories. it sucks how long it takes to bring out 1 chapter though I wish it was at least 1 per week thanks for the chapter!!!

  3. its like the story hasnt actually gotten off the starting line. we’ve seen nothing at all about who the mc will actually be, how he will really live. we just have him as a scumbag who hasnt moved yet, has no interests people relate to, etc. maybe its a slow start or maybe the whole thing sucks.

    1. That all there is to him, he is a scumbag and that wont change. If you expecting a revenge story or a someone who will redeem himself you are for a bad ride here 🙂

      It rather pointless to write story like this, since he went bad (after reincarnating from Earth and being bullied by everyone) his only goal is immortality and he does not care about anyone. That seems to be the whole story and we just go along him killing everyone and getting on top, it gets boring after awhile (ln reader here).

  4. I am not able to follow the plot… What actually is that the mc want to prove… What is gng on… Will the brothers become enemies??? 😈😈😈

    1. About what will happen in the future let’s time to show.
      U see mc made time travel bug in 500 y and before killed used it to come back to the past + he is reincarnator. Basically mc have 500y exp in his child body and want to restart to cultivate.

    2. That is not Mc but his twin brother who always lived in his shadow and he is jelly af.
      Our MC is an reincarnator and transmigrator in one person. He came from earth to this world, lived 500 years as evil gu master, he became evil after the shit his family and tribe put him through. First chapter shown him dying and going back in time. Now he will start again.

      That said the story is shit, the mc is not relatable at all and you cant connect with an evil dude who kills everyone. I would rather read the story after he came from earth.

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