Master of GU Chapter 7.3

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I like villains sorry ~



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  1. Also, I kind of feel bad for Cui’Er. She might have tossed the MC aside in the previous life, but that was probably done on orders as well. She does not have control of her own fate. She even has to throw herself at talent because her masters want her to. And yet, despite all that, she still shows warmth and affection for the weaker brother. That takes guts. Unfortunately, the weaker brother does not have that kind of guts, so when he does gain power and respect, he will probably turn out trashy.

  2. His brother’s personality is weak and trashy, but that is from years of abuse and neglect. The MC could have tried to change things in this new life. Based on what we know so far, his brother will probably turn into a giant douche after the awakening ceremony…

  3. Foolish!why would you be jealous of someone who only has a false feeling of being loved!?Your brother had nothing,nothing at all!HE JUST WANTED TO SURVIVE!!YET YOU WERE WEAK MINDED AND ONLY FELT SORRY FOR YOUR SITUATION!!and when he realized that he had nothing!,that was the moment he was able to gain something!Hate! THE FEELING FOR REVENGE!!ON ALL OF THOSE WHO WRONGED HIM INCLUDING YOU!!SO YOU BASTARD DONT YOU DARE FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF!!!

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