Lan Chi Chapter 85.13

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  1. I’M LOVING THIS ARC SO MUCH!!! We are seeing so much about the real feelings of MQ & ML, since they are always so quiet we don’t get to see much into them and we just assume what they’re thinking or why do they do what they do, so this arc is gold! + we also get to see real character development from both sides & a progression of their relationship! Be as siblings, lovers, friends or whatever, this is opening a window for ML being able to actually forgive MQ & know that he actually cares for her, so maybe after this they will be able to talk to each other & be more honest. I’m just so happy right now ♥

    Thank you so much Leaf, for the super updates & for being so kind to not torture us with the lack os this 2 last updates, because they were… Amazing!

      1. I’m not saying that I want them together because I don’t, I don’t ship them yet, but I like them as characters, so I want to see them interacting more, at this point I don’t know I want them to have a brother-sister relationship or an actual romantic one, because MQ & ML have still to show romantic feelings towards each other, until that day I don’t think I will actually ship them.

        So yeah, I don’t have to admit anything, cause I don’t actually ship them yet.

  2. OMG OMG OMG this chapter! I must say this arc is ONE OF THE BEST if not THE BEST. It shows both characters vulnerability which is out of character for both. Both ML and MQ close themselves in terms of other people and in this chapter, the wall they have around themselves is slowly breaking. It’s such a rollercoaster arc. I hope MQ and ML finally talk about the whole situation because it’s still an unspoken topic between them. I really really do hope both talk and MQ officially apologizes. It’s pretty clear by now MQ DOES care for ML. Right now he’s the only one by her side.

    And thank you so much for this chapter! You are the best!

  3. Okey… I have gone “Kyah kyah!!!” after reading this chapter!!! 😖😖😖 Thanks again Leaf and Cliff kun, you are the BEST!!! MQ + ML FOREVER!!!😍😍😍

  4. Gosh… I’m trembling from happiness….
    love ❤️ you 🍃 Leaf-san….
    You’re the best 🍃 leaf in the world…. best ever.

  5. 😆😆😆😆🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁.. OWOOOO….!. Cliff-kun!! Mayabe, for this chapter I like you. Because there a cliff, they can jump… To the heaven. i mean to the sea or ocean (or maybe a lake?). And…. THEY HuGE each other 😙… Okeee let me happy for the moment… Because I am afraid the lanchi author will give me troll again about my ship… But YEESHH LET ME SAIL for the moment! ha.. .

    Oh This chapter is like:

    “Who sold you?”

    “The guy who save me now.”

  6. I don’t know why I do this….

    I tried to pay attention to the main picture…

    But I can’t…My attention always be the shoes at the last picture…😂

    1. He means that he was lying to the guy about him [not caring about her, let her to die, just wanting to escape alone, etc… He was lying about all he was saying to Glasses-kun

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