Goddess Creation System Chapter 173.2

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  1. Hee… that sinking feeling when your new Emperor suddenly runs away from the palace yelling “I regret everything now!”.

  2. I feel bad for all those boys. But I really want her to end up with the Crown Prince.
    Not to mention he’s quiet pitiful for losing his parents in tragic ways.
    And… He’s no good without Xiaxi. Just like Doumyouji and Makino. Ayi! xD

  3. Sweet Jesu’s lady you are a dirty human being but….. I love it fnfjfjfjfjjfjjdfj, she I soo cool my god.. I feel pity for the boys but in some reasons mmm they deserve that mmm and welp she I only doing this for her sake nfjfjfnfnf i love her

  4. this story is killing my feelings i feel like i’m totally unstable i supported her relation with the first guy, then when the second one apeared I began to pray for them and now the king, i really want her to stay with him. i’m really afraid if a fourth character appears.

    1. So you are what they call an enabler. You supported them? Are you fucking kidding me?
      Did you read the story at all?

      All men (not only men) in this story are horrible people. Compare to first two the prince is mild but he is not a good person. First and second dude played with her and tortured her to death, treated her like personal property and just discarded her when they were done. Only reason you think they changed is because MC manipulated the shit out of them second time around. The same for the prince, he is an selfish, narcissistic asshole and only reason he is in line at the moment is MC manipulation.

      Idk what mc will get out of this, if ever she will go back to real world but one thing she learned is to manipulate, lie and be a horrible person herself.

      1. I think the point was to fix them and make them better people, what I liked about the story is how the characters devaloped, I liked how the change of the two brothers affected their family and brought them closer , I still hate them but that doesn’t change the fact that they become better people that are suitable to protect the country, and as for the prince we didn’t see him harm anyone even the servant he isn’t bad but he wouldn’t be a good king which is why I liked her as his teacher and how she helped him to grow as a person. I think the point wasn’t the romance but it was how to make the country itself better for having a good king and good general that would protect the country.

        1. that is not the point here at all, they did not change at all.
          The point of the story is to manipulate people to love her so that she can get points and get out of that world. The point is not to make people better and they are not better at all, just because they treat her better than before does not mean they treat other the same (case and point the prince, still an asshole to everyone else).

          Com on man, they did not change, they still are selfish and doing everything for themselves, including taking care of her, that is only because they want to monopolizer her- which is not even true love since she manipulated them into it.

      2. ; w; I just hope she that she can first someone that she can talk to and can be trusted, Like big sister in “peexxxxx Alxxxxxxt”.

  5. Yes yes chase after her!!! More moree moreee drama muahahaha i think the prince’s love is much more and more intense than the two brothers though it might be because this still the prince’s higlighted moment lololol but i loveeeee this story more gaaahhhhh

    1. I know right muahahahaha ..she should have male harem and increase them…it did mention earlier that she will go for all kings hearts to get charm points and leave the system.. I guess this story wont end until all men get seduced…..whether young or old lol but I question her heart like girl why you not falling in love with any guy ? She is just faking her love.. or possibly she is asexual …

  6. I love how it’s shown in this scene that she taught him modern science properly, most stories don’t care to show people utilising knowledge they’re taught off-screen

      1. Is that correct?
        For a king she will get only a million points so by that logic this series will take years to finish – well most of Chinese series are 4-6k long so idk 🙂

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