BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – Scheduled Chapters!

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Before we get to business, I’ll repeat this again incase people didn’t see it in homepage but we are in need of Korean typesetter+cleaner (Because I can’t read korean ahem XD) You don’t have to be korean but just experienced in typesetting+cleaning in a different language ! Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested!

Now back to our announcement, TLDR; I want to get all series up-to-date so I decided to make a poll for everyone to choose what to do with our sub-series. (Main series poll + Martial Series polling will come later)

Poll will go on for 1 week. You can choose to keep our current schedule (check February schedule in homepage) or choose only 2 of your favorite sub-series and I will update only those 2 until we are up-to-date and then rotate to next series.

For example.  Micah + Beauty Scheme wins the poll for favorite sub series. I will upload micah + beauty scheme until we are up-to-date then move onto the series who’ve placed 3rd/4th place (while still uploading micah+beauty scheme concurrently). In that way we will be getting more series up-to-date and eventually finishing everything.

I Forgot to say don’t cheat and vote more than once because it’s logged how many times your computer has voted so I will just NULL them…yeah…

[poll id=”8″]

38 Replies to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – Scheduled Chapters!”

  1. WAIT??? Im so confused so the main series will stop updating and you start uploading the side series until your up to date?? No! I love the main series Idc about the side ones.. Well if that is what all of you want then ok….. *cries*

    1. I already voted but just saying go ugly womans harem code and beauty scheme!!! If i had a back-up votw definitely beauty of the century. Thank you so much for finding time to ask and really take in what your readers want! Your the best.!

  2. Honestly.. I don’t get why
    Ugly Woman’s Harem Code and The Imperial Poisonous Concubine
    are leading in the poll :’)

    I couldn’t even pick it up..someone tell me why it’s so interesting?

    1. You’re right!!!
      I only recently discovered miao shou xian dan!!!
      L….Leaf..? umm… do you find it interesting as well?

      miao shou xian dan…..???

  3. idk how to vote nor can i make an account because it’s not sending the emails, but i vote for ugly woman’s harem and the poisonous concibine?? something

  4. Thanks for all your hard work! I’m really liking beauty’s transformation so it gets my vote, hopefully it will keep moving up in the poll!

  5. To be honest, though I hate the rape culture in Beauty of the Century, I want to see how it ends. The art is good and the story is interesting, but the sad part is that it was wasted on such a shit story and horrible pairing (Third Prince and QingYing). I want to know what happens next but I would hate to see that pairing happen…

    1. Uh there should be a poll but it’s fine if you don’t see it I will manually input the comment votes in the end ^^ Dont worry about it but UGHC and IPC is leading incase people in comments are wondering.

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