Beauty of Century Chapter 47.5

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IF money fell in the sky for me….or if someone tossed money in front of me…ahem i’d pick them up instantly XD



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  1. Sorry everyone, but I really like this story 😅😅😅
    I’m not pro rape by any means, and I hate stories with a$$hole rapists….but I dunno. I really enjoy reading this 🤷‍♀️
    Thank you Leaf 😂 and whoever else worked on this 😊

  2. WTF IS WRONG WITH HER. I LITERALLY WANT TO TGROW TABLES AT HER STUPID ASS. Stockholm Syndrome on its finest too, but boy, she’s really stupid and if this goes on: trash for me

    1. the author is into rape so if you follow the story the rapist is actually the main mc of the story and my guess is that the nice prince is actually the villain – this is so fucked up, I dont have words to describe it.

      Lets consider her option here, her friend is a hostage in the palace, even if she goes back no one will release her since she is main culprit in poisoning the queen (and the trip is to investigate the real source), so she is a pawn in power struggle, she is fucked either way, all sides involved wont like her around.

      Servants like her are like objects to nobility to fuck around and throw away. This idiot was raped twice and she ‘cares’ for well being of the rapist, suuuuure.
      Every panel like above just makes me angry. Don’t get me started on the panels where she starts to ‘enjoy’ the rape.

  3. Honestly this manhua is getting on my nerves 🙈😤. Which victim would try to help her rapist?!?
    Is it the era this manhua is written in, so it is normal for women to get rapped and then fall in love with their nightmare?!?!
    To me the acting of the Mc is so far from reality, i really want to slap her until her mind went sane again!

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