Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 101.4

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  1. Love her, she’s still that strong girl I admire from the fist chapter *clenched heart*
    I’ll say that I’m partly grateful for the author to give her a lesson since it’s a great character development.

  2. he’s really the definition of a teacher tho. Coz teacher Fluffy always protect her without really going thru pure hardships as he saved her in the nick of time most of the time.

  3. Pills are meaningless? You handed over a pill that made a young girl go through rebirth while increasing her natural talent, you made a pill that tuned you into that epic bastard for a while! How the hell can you call it meaningless? Pills are hax! Blatant cheating mechanisms!

  4. wait, so she will start again from zero all over again? how long will it take for her to be strong enough again to take revenge?! X_X

  5. I get a feeling that her in-game menu will return latter on cause you know there are many items and pills in there that will be required for her to take revenge later

  6. WTF, now its the same cultivation story like hundred others out there, her ingame menu and gaming knowledge made her stand out but now shes like every shit MC in these type of stories.

    1. you mean she was handed epic cheats that made her a crap cheat mc and now that awful stuff that should never have been there is temporarily gone.

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