Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 91

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  1. I was hoping for the divorce.

    And this father of her is beyond stupid, how can he be a minister with that level of idocy?

    Being greedy doesnt mean to completely discard his daughter wich not only once but many times proved worthy of support. The worst thing, is he didnt even need to pick between daughter, just support both and see what happen.
    It was kinda understadable in the beggining of the story, considering the financial support and pressure coming from the Chen family, but now it doesnt make any sens, even more with all the failure of one daughter and all the success of the other ones.
    Even if he think that 9th Prince wont be able to be emporor, he could have benefited a lot for just taking care of Aheng. or at least, not be totally biased against her to the point wishing her dead.

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