Break The World Chapter 50.5

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  1. thanks a lot for translating this manhua i really love it, I felt really sad when the previous team dropped it thanks again.

    1. For some reason I like it but it does not make a lot of sense, does it?
      Couple of first pages told us they play in real time, spending all day in the game, missing school and they dont eat (unless they take a break, which our MC does not take).
      On top of that our MC does not have his own gear, so he pays for it in the cafe – he would go bankrupt the first day he played, I think it was something like 15-20h he played on the first day.
      As for the story it is none existing, so far. The game is a mess, no progression, no goal, just people playing pretend cultivators with fake levels that dont mean anything.
      At least tutorial was fun but since then everything except the girl was shit.

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