Beauty of Century Chapter 46.5

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  1. What happend.?? Dont go back to him.. please i want to shout out loud… shes like a damn girl. She cant save her self but she wants to same someone…hahaha..pathetic..

  2. I think all those bubbles are his. Since they have the format, they are probably the internal thoughts by the same speaker.

    “It’s her.” and “I’ve finally found you” are definitely his thoughts. The next two should be his as well. He considers it fate, since he likes her and he is an asshole rapist who thinks highly of himself. He probably thinks the world is rewarding him when it is really punishing her…

    I don’t know the ending for this, but there is still hope. There are plenty of palace politic romance stories that end with the female MC getting revenge on all the people who have wronged her and becoming emperor. Hopefully, 3rd prince gets a slow death eventually…

  3. Fate my ass..he raped you twice gurl…
    Also i wouldn’t go back there for my friend…rape isn’t a good memory
    And i wouldn’t want a big shot .. Whos not even a virgin and a rapist no matter how handsome…

  4. Screw fate? You’re cursed!
    I know they’re probs going to fall in love and end up happy together but this guy is rapist trash and this poor girl deserves far better despite her foolishness. I hope she someone manages to get free from his claws, doesn’t develop Stockholm syndrome, doesn’t end up marrying him, and finds a nice decent guy outside the palace to settle down with. Feels like she was born under a bad star right now. A sarcastic star. Eternally mocking. Making her suffer and ton before ending up happily with a trash ML.

  5. Yuck no! You’d just decided on freedom. Your friend will still suffer if you go back, as she is your bargaining chip. Either one or the other won’t have freedom for a long time. Probably both.

  6. Is it just me or are their reactions completely different? One looks shocked, maybe a little bit disappointed, and the other one looks quite happy…

    Thanks for the update!

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