Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 73.2

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  1. Just remember, BeiYue’s soul was an assassin! Of course, she’d be heartless. It was just unlucky for those concubines that they’ve met their match!

  2. This punishment is too foolish. She’ll just come back for revenge in the end.
    Then, rape as a punishment is pretty extreme when this is just a spoiled brat. But well… Can’t get in the way of her revenge story I guess

  3. i like how he salutes her lol. BUT COME ON BEIYUE! so is that cat a male? because shouldve done THAT! that wouldve been a leafworthy moment!

  4. Revenge is nice. Lol.. No i’m not pro-rape or anything. Pretty sure none of us is anything like that IRL.

    But in this fictional story, I really want BeiYue to get her sweet revenge and win it all the way.

    1. I don’t know. Rape is a very significant act about the pleasure of dominating, hurting someone and loving that and making them feel like shit. I find it atrocious.

      And at the same time … the bullying has the same sources. The Mother and the daughter took a real pleasure in making Beiyue suffer.

      But the Beiyue of today wants revenge, she does not seem to enjoy the suffering. It’s more of a desire for justice.

      So, what is bad? The act itself … or the reason for the act? We have to think about both sides.

      (Sorry if there are mistakes, I’m french ^^)

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