Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 18.2

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    1. I will pay 2 million gold coins ..just have him shipped to me safely and pack with him some organic fragrance and some outfits for him. Im waiting and craving for my package to arrive… ship him asap…

  1. I think he have bad intention. Hello 1 cent okay. For the famous just 1 cent ?its Yin fanghua plan to destroy her -_-. I think the flower boy is ugly not better than lord bian and her bodyguard -_-

    1. Hey dont say that. There’s alot of people who keeps supporting this. If u dont feel like reading it. Then just quit reading it.

  2. The title of did say “Ugly woman HAREM code” so I think this is the beginning of her herem? Ah no her herem is already started with the city lord and her bodyguard. Nosebleed for the last picture frame 😍😍

  3. Did someone like… hit her in the head and she ended up dreaming up all of that?! Like the story went from interesting to just plain fan service… please lord almighty fix this plot.

  4. I don’t really like a guy with too much makeup even heavier than a rock but he sure does handsome xD and this chapter are so funny. Thanks for ur hard work..

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