Goddess Creation System Chapter 166.2

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  1. They won’t find it suspicious that the incurable poison was cured instantly and you’re perfectly fine moments later, but they’ll find it suspicious that the knife wound didn’t leave a scar? What a retard.

  2. He he he😁😁😁good thing she is prepared to toprotect her self she’s smart,but every points she earned she used it to buy the things she need in in order to survive so that she can be well prepared when emergency happened just
    like now!keep earning points girl you need earn points more so that you can be well prepared even more!

  3. When will you update the story ? And how can i receive a notification when u do.. Oh and i can’t find the links to these recent chapters !

  4. site as always will not post simple comment. will always post THIS comment. i know easy way she can win all pts but now you will never know it.

    1. yup as always. that posts but the real post will not. this is how leaf makes his comments section work. real comments are blocked as if by black magic but this will post.

  5. It said kings are worth a million points each and she needs 10 million to go home. That means she has to seduce 10 kings to get back. Considering how much trouble 1 king has been, 10 is gonna be impossible.

    1. The system seems a bit different than that. It depends on how much influence said person has. Just like a king is worth more than a prince.

      Which goes back to values. The brothers are only worth so little was because they were just sons of a general. But if they become generals themselves, their value goes up.

      So while a king might be worth 1 million, how about mongol emperor who conquered all of asia? Or an emperor who conquered the entire world? They wouldn’t be worth a mere million.

    1. Considering she needs 10 million points, the two brothers were worth 10,000 each, and the system has a death penalty for not completing missions in a certain time frame so she can’t just not do the missions, not likely. The arc might be ending though.

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