Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 86.5

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    1. Yeah, that’s a little weird. Might just be she doesn’t like them close up?

      Like, ‘oh, a cat, don’t let it come close to me, servants, they creep me out’ versus ‘AIIIEEEE A CAT IS WITHIN MY LINE OF SIGHT! KIIILL IIIIIT!’.

      Or maybe it’s a context thing.

      If you recall, Heng-Heng did give her Consort-Mother a shiny jeweled mirror with Cat’s Eye gems on it, said Consort-Mother gave her a pet cat…Might be a bit less of a ‘hates actual cats’ and more of a ‘hates cats because they’re associated with the incredibly influential Consort-Mother who has about as much power as she does, if not more, due to how the Emperor dotes on her.’

      That’d make the Terrible Gift of a poor dead kitty the Bu Family were tricked into handing over a threat, since I guess the implication could be ‘you’re going to die and the Consort is going to take your place’.

      I’m just making wild guesses, mind you.

    2. I think that more of hate, it was scared of cat? You know some people dont mind the cat but as soon as the cat gets close he/she will freak out? That’s why she was insulted when she was given a dead cat, like insulting her fear of cat by bringing her a dead cat

  1. I sooo enjoyed this. Looking forward to see the foolish father and Chenyu break into pieces. Mentally and emotionally lol..

    Chenyu’s face tho. Where’s the pretty black powder the queen gave her? *evil smile*
    Aheng looks so pretty!
    Thank you for the update 😀

    I was rlly specting something like that xP but oh well, it’s better if she lives a little longer to see Aheng and her mother regain their status muahahaha!!
    They said before that the Prime minister (Aheng’s father) have a lot of connections yet, so I think the King is trying to carefully plummering his reputation and Chenyu’s before the final strike! muahahaha… cough! ok, too many evil laughters already xD I know for other stories that the family of an appointented princess with land can have a great honor and wealth even generations after her dead, so this is something great! and after the divorce hohoho The Yao family is back, bitches! be afraid! xD

    1. It was actually the 3rd prince who had many connections with the other court members or something. And heng heng’s father/Prime Minister had connections with the 3rd prince.

  4. I realy hate her father an ChenYu, but i want them to be alive to suffer 😀

    Thanks for updates and great material to read!

  5. Be Patient. Anyways, once a title is conferred by the emperor, that tittle stays unless the emperor or empress takes it away. Unless the emperor demotes Heng-Heng, she will stay the daughter of the first wife.

  6. Father king is even better, he make her main daughter first before talk about divorce. What’s next? Bring her grandfather back and promote Yao family? LOL

    1. Pretty much salting the wounds at this point.

      Though really, it seems more like the divorce hasn’t happened yet, so it’s likely that they’re still technically married even if only on paper.

    2. You will see in next chapter or 2. This is a trap the king set the divorce will be given. Shes giving aheng mum some pride before giving the letter.

    3. It’s about the yao family the king and her grandfather r good friends, and are really stubborn because a heng mother is a second wife so making her mother the first wife is to make then happy

    4. if the divorce is before claiming of the main daughter, he can cover his own face saying its ok since he is the concubine daughter, but the king announce the main daughter first so he will be left without a main daughter once they get divorce, its like signing the contract to the house before you get a divorce (not exactly the same analogy but you get what i mean lol)

  7. Slap slap slap, are u dead already? Haushaushauah my gosh the 9th prince and the king are really similar haushaus thanks as very much for the chapterss

    1. omfg I forgot about it, I hope someone will pick that up and she will get punished on top of all the slaps on the face already given. That sais does it mean that the mc will still share the residence with the family while it now part of the new county? That is not safe for mc, they should rather move whole family away, aftervthe divorce.

      1. I hope they move away and take the nice sister moves with them after the divorce lol 😂 cant wait to see the dads face after the king gives the divorce letter 😏

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