Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 99.2

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  1. It starting to make sense in a lot of ways coz of unanswered questions how she got pulled in. Kinda figured that Mad King spirit is in the assasination mask and one of the commenter opinion mentioned that he pulled her in could be the reason she’s in the game. Sooo I’m guessing for her to get out of the game there will need to have some solution between the mad king and the Monarch?? I’m still sad the teacher is gone and everything fell apart!! I still think the teacher died in vain coz it happened too fast and unexpectedly. >.<

  2. but the 2nd option she doesnt get godly power. you know if you avoid lightning tribulation you miss out. ha she should do the 1st then the 2nd in that order?

  3. Can someone explain to me what is the difference between the first choice and the second choice
    And why she prefers the second choice?

    1. 1. Choice: she probably has to endure very much pain and be extremely patient
      2. Choice: she “only” has to let bones and muscles rebuild/healed
      The 2. One would obviously a better choice 😉
      Hope it was helpful 😬😂

  4. ARROGANT!!! “I regret making a joint-heart contract..” she should slap him. His character and skills is completely made by her. Ungrateful idiot white hair.

    1. @veeblood, Lmao. XiaoWan was not the person who created Yan MoGe they aren’t even the same person so who is he ungrateful to? His soul got trapped in the assassination mask. If it wasn’t for him XiaoWan would probably be dead.

    1. I figure he pulled her to this world in the attempt to reform himself from spiritual to physical. I guess he saw how of crazy of player she was in the MMO in his likeness and figured she would be just as crazy in building up her character in this reality without realizing there is a difference between the real world and games.

    1. Well, she did create that second character in the game, after all. Clearly based him on her first chara’s looks (that seem to have been based on her real life looks).
      …Which reminds me that it’s an Isekai where she got isekaid after dying IN GAME 😀 It’s an enjoyable read but perhaps we shouldn’t be spending too much time trying to analyze certain details of the premise…

  5. The difference between this, and a male MC
    Male MC, in what a typical wuxia setting, would take the first route, take a godly level blood, and kaboom becomes super strong.
    Female MC, actually decided to go her own path, to reshape herself.

    Not saying either is good or bad, just fascinated by the fact.

    1. You’re making things up here, though. Rebuilding your bones and muscles to breakthrough is a SUPER common trope in cultivation stories. And – given choice – picking the “more effort” options over the quicker ones is also pretty common, because the cultivation is usually supposed to be all about continuous effort (although after showing MCs dedication and patience usually then some deus ex machina forcing MC’s hand and pushing on the explosive growth path anyway).

  6. Just about an hour ago, I got so curious and try reading the chinese. But then the new chapter came out.. well I really appreciate it, Thank you…

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