Goddess Creation System Chapter 160.5

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  1. Them addressing their plan as “foolproof” doesn’t sit right with me. Someone is definitely going to ruin or at least try to ruin it. We all know who. I hope Xiaxia have contingency plans.

    And thanks for the chapter Leaf! I’m a fan from the Philippines!

  2. Bruh, your wife is DEAD and you should ACCEPT it and MOVE ON. I know its hard and its okay if you keep on loving her BUT YOU SHOULD ACCEPT THE FACT THAT SHE IS D.E.A.D. Just because someone refused to acknowledge your DEAD WIFE as QUEEN, you killed him. You HAVE to understand that a DEAD person cant be named QUEEN. And lastly GROW UP UNCLE. STOP BEING STUBBORN LIKE A CHILD AND BE A MAN.

    thanks for your update leaf

  3. i feel like something rEALLLLLLYYYY BAD is going to go down ;-; hope xiaxi is gonna be okay. thank you leaf! by the way, may i ask what kind of time (like pst, est) do you use? i get quite confused sometimes. thanks!

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