Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 11.3

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  1. Not sure “troll” is the correct term to use here. Modern internet slang doesn’t really fit the scene.
    But whatever, it gets the point across even if it’s a little odd.

  2. I ship Yunheng and the main character~ I don’t really support the ship between the protagonist and City Lord Bian ;_;
    Seeing as City Lord Bian didn’t even know the protagonist when he attempted to do her on the bed, I can’t help but have a negative impression of him, even if he’s pretty flirtatious.
    I can’t make much of Yunheng so far since he hasn’t had many scenes, but I believe he’ll turn out to be a very likable character OwO

    1. By being there wasn’t she kinda “supposed” to be a prostitute, though? That isn’t exactly a relation where you try to get to know each other first.

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